Back to School Style: Alexander

Friday, August 22nd, 2014 at 12:32 pmcomment?

Alexander the Robot, named after our company President, Claire’s son, is our top selling boy’s character. For some back-to-school style inspiration, we have some fan photos to share! First, let’s get to know Alexander a little better…

alexanderMost robots just waddle about on mechanical legs or roll around on caterpillar tracks, but Alexander was built with rockets so he can soar through the sky! To be honest though, he hasn’t actually soared much higher than 3 feet so far. He’s more of a hoverer really. But he’s just being cautious. Flying takes a lot of practice. If you do it wrong you can give yourself a pretty nasty dent. He’ll be rocketing through the clouds soon, but as everyone is always telling him; you’ve got to hover before you can fly.

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Have a wonderful summer fun filled weekend!

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